This in-depth WatchOP article will teach you everything you need to know about this streaming site.

  Is WatchOP legal? Is WatchOP safe to use? How do I watch WatchOP?   I will cover these questions and more in this guide.



We’re asking legal questions because WatchOP isn’t available through a reputable provider such as Amazon or Google Play. This is occasionally a warning sign.

WatchOP is included in our list of the Best Anime Streaming Sites that is accessible via any web browser.

To qualify for its own dedicated website, an anime must truly stand out in the mainstream market. Over the years, we’ve been treated to dozens of incredible animes that have altered our expectations for the quality of content produced by creators. What distinguishes anime from other media is its ability to remain unique. ‘One Piece’ is one anime that has stood out over the last two decades.

One Piece is an exceptional anime.

There are simply too many anime available, and as a result, distinguishing the characters is quite difficult, rendering the majority of the content forgettable. That is not the case, thankfully, with One Piece. It is not affected by character repetition. Each character on the show leaves an impression on you. Each protagonist is well-defined, and you are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

The arcs of One Piece are surprisingly good. I’m aware that many of us continue to believe that progress is slow. True shounen fans, on the other hand, prefer a longer runtime over less developed characters. The revelations, plot twists, and fantastic location settings make you feel as if you’re actually there. One Piece maintains your attention throughout and emphasises the value of your roots – friendship, family, and the entire crew.

With over 900 episodes produced over two decades, it’s unsurprising that OnePiece or OP has a dedicated anime streaming website called WatchOP. You can stream all 900+ episodes via the streaming website and access them directly from the homepage.

What exactly is WatchOP?

WatchOP is an unofficial One Piece streaming platform that enables viewers to access all One Piece episodes in one location. You can watch shows in English dub or with subtitles. I’d always recommend choosing the subtitles option because dubbed shows lack the creator’s original spirit. Additionally, the meanings of dialogues are manipulated to appeal to a particular audience. Nonetheless, we can all be thankful that both options are available to us.

Why should you pay attention to OnePiece?

I rarely include this section in reviews, but in the case of this legendary anime, I will. If you haven’t begun watching One Piece yet, I strongly advise you to do so. Despite its simplicity, the plot develops into fascinating storytelling as the anime progresses. It’s a great watch because of the story arcs, twists, suspense, and adventures of various characters, including Monkey D. Luffy.

Why should you use WatchOP to stream?

After drooling over the show, it’s time to discuss the platform. WatchOP is a dedicated One Piece platform, which distinguishes it from the competition. However, it is not just the singular approach that convinces you to stream on this platform, but a slew of incredible features as well.

Website devoted exclusively to One Piece

The first is self-evident. This network contains all 925 episodes of One Piece. You don’t even have to dig deep; all of the episodes are accessible directly from the homepage. Continue scrolling to see the episodes in descending order, with the most recent at the top.

Entire episodes

WatchOP is not a con website or a commission-based affiliate website. It makes no attempt to connect you to premium streaming services. Rather than that, you’ll find the content directly on the website and will be able to stream it without difficulty. There is an integrated video player that enables seamless streaming on the website. There are no external plug-ins or Adobe Flash player updates required.

Live Ticker

For viewers who are up to date on all 925 episodes of One Piece, the Live Ticker can be used to determine when the next episode will be uploaded. The live ticker displays an exact countdown to the time the episode will be uploaded. Each week, a new episode of One Piece will be uploaded just one hour after it airs on Japanese television.

Episodes with Subtitles

For those who have difficulty understanding the subtitles and are unable to follow along with the English or Spanish subtitles, dubbed episodes are also available. Because One Piece is such a popular anime, you’re almost certain to find it in your native tongue. If you are able to understand subtitles, I would recommend the subbed version over the dubbed version.

Streaming of Superior Quality

Everything would be for nought unless WatchOP could back up its content prowess with high-quality streaming. That is not the case, as WatchOP offers an incredible streaming experience. You can manually adjust the resolution to match your internet connection speed. This enables you to watch One Piece at a slightly reduced resolution rather than buffering and disconnecting you.

How do I gain access to WatchOP?

Accessing WatchOP is a fairly straightforward process. You can find the website by performing a search for the term ‘WatchOP’ in your prefered search engine. The website is likely to appear on the first page of search results. Alternatively, you can access the platform directly via the following link: WatchOP.

Simply ensure that you’re using a VPN before accessing the website. A VPN is critical for protecting both your identity and your device from hackers.


There is little to commend or criticise about the design approach. I mean, I wasn’t expecting some out-of-the-box graphics for a dedicated single show like One Piece. As with the show, the website excels in some areas and fails miserably in others. Let’s take a look at the various sections of the website.


WatchOP’s header section features five prominent options: ‘Home,’ ‘One Piece English Dubbed,’ ‘One Piece Manga,’ ‘Soundtracks,’ and ‘Anime Dubbed.’ I’m not a fan of all-caps text. Having said that, the blue background doesn’t bother me because it helps the text stand out. A supporting section is located beneath the primary header and contains random episodes and lists.

Hero Section

This website’s hero section is quite straightforward. With a white background and black text, it gives the impression of being on a simple HTML website. The addition of a live countdown clock significantly improves the overall appearance of the section, which would have appeared strange without it. The most recent episode is highlighted in yellow beneath the compact primary section. Following that, you’ll find a list of all the episodes in reverse chronological order.


This section is both the website’s greatest strength and greatest weakness. It depends on your perspective. For those who are familiar with the episodes and know what they want to watch. It’s beneficial. For visitors who are new to the site and have arrived at the homepage for the first time. They’ll be terrified when they see the lengthy scrolling requirement on the homepage. It’s exhausting and excessive. It would be preferable if the developers created distinct pages, each of which contained no more than 30 episodes.


The footer section is sparsely equipped with options. There is a chat option, which is followed by legal, privacy, and contact information. I’m a little disappointed that the developers neglected to include navigation options in the footer section. However, now that I consider it, even he/she must have grown tired of the tumultuous homepage.

Inner Pages

The inner pages feature the identical header section as the homepage. I landed on an inner page after clicking on the English Subbed categories. The page began with the headline ‘Watch One Piece English Subbed Movies’. This text was accompanied by a brief summary that read, ‘You can watch and download One Piece films without registering.’


If you’re a One Piece fan, you’re probably already aware of this website. Otherwise, this is the website that will lead you to heaven. All of One Piece’s episodes are available in both subbed and dubbed versions, which is exactly what you’d expect from a dedicated anime website. From Episode 1 – ‘Hello, my name is Luffy! From Episode 924 – ‘The Capital in an Uproar!’ to Episode 924 – ‘The Man Who’s Gonna Be King of the Pirates!’ You can watch the entire episode, titled ‘Another Assassin Targets Sanji!’

Experience on a desktop/mobile device

WatchOP was streamed on my iPhone 11 Pro and HP 15 Notebook. Before taking my first break, I binge-watched 24 episodes. I must say that I was blown away by the overall streaming quality. There was no lag and the stream ran smoothly. And, to be honest, I had high expectations of the website, as the majority of anime websites maintain a high standard of streaming quality. Don’t fret if your data speed fluctuates while you’re streaming. WatchOP enables you to manually adjust the resolution.


Is WatchOP Safe to Use?

Before I access this, I’d like to conduct a VirusTotal scan of the World Cup Football official website.

VirusTotal did not detect anything significant in terms of viruses/malware on the official WatchOP URL.

This is not to say, however, that we should not take precautions when streaming content from this unverified streaming site.

We constantly preach the importance of using both antivirus software and a VPN when visiting untrusted websites like WatchOP.

By utilising a secure VPN, you can safeguard your online activity from your ISP, website operators, and hackers, among others.

To begin our review of this streaming service, we must first gain access to it.

In this report, I’ll be visiting WatchOP via the Silk Browser on a Fire TV Stick.

This procedure is also applicable to those who use Android devices, with Puffin TV or TV Bro serving as the most popular browsers for Android TV boxes.


WatchOP Live Streaming on Firestick/Android

WatchOP are not available for download via Amazon or Google Play, we have no way of knowing if they have the necessary licencing for the channels they deliver. Always use a VPN when accessing these unverified live streaming sites.

Hover over Find and select Search from the Main Menu.


Enter “Silk” in the search bar and select the Silk Browser option that appears.


Choose Amazon Silk Web Browser from the Apps & Games menu.


Select Download.


Select Open.


Launch the Silk Browser and click the Search icon to enter a URL.


Enter the URL:


You can now stream WatchOP on your Firestick/Fire TV device


To bookmark the WatchOP website, click the star icon labelled “Add Bookmark.”


Check out the links below for more streaming sites like WatchOP.

Streaming WatchOP on PC

Using WatchOP on a PC or Laptop is probably the most user-friendly way to watch live sports.

Enter the URL:


Is WatchOP Legal?

123 Streaming Sites has no way of knowing whether these unverified streaming websites are properly licenced.

If and when a streaming site is determined to be illegal, we immediately notify our users and update reports on our Website to reflect the change.

At first glance, it appears as though WatchOP is illegally distributing copyrighted content.

To summarise, the end user is ultimately responsible for all content accessed via streaming websites such as WatchOP.



What is WatchOP?

WatchOP is a streaming website available for use on multiple streaming devices to watch live sports for free.

Is WatchOP legal?

123 Streaming Sites has no way of determining whether an unverified streaming site possesses the necessary licencing. At first glance, it appears as WatchOP is illegally distributing copyrighted content. The end user is solely responsible for the content accessed through this unverified streaming service.

Does World Cup Football stream Live TV?

Yes. WatchOP provides live TV streams mostly in standard definition quality.

What devices can this streaming site be used on?

This WatchOP streaming site is available for use on tons of devices including the Amazon Firestick, PCs, laptops, iPhones, tablets.

What categories does World Cup Football have?

WatchOP offers several categories to choose from for live viewing. These are mostly sports-relate

My WatchOP Suggestions

The website as a whole could be improved graphically. Apart from that, please condense the homepage and divide the episodes into pages.

Conclusion WatchOP

If you’re a fan of One Piece, you absolutely must visit this website. On the other hand, if you’re new to One Piece, WatchOP enables you to not only stream but also download episodes in high definition.